Мonthly Turnout – April 2018

Our April Turnout will bring joy to all cigar lovers out there. No, the Cigar Malt is not on this list (although we might be getting some bottles later this month, so stay tuned) but each one of these drams is an equally good companion to your favorite cigar.
Each one of the drams are also going to be available in one of 10 Explorer Packs, which, as always, is a great way to sample the great drams from our Monthly Turnout list.
Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection

Nose: Polished oak, seaweed, candle wax and dried parsley.
Palate: Sweeter on the palate, with notes of fresh apricot and marmalade. Still hand a salty tang to it.
Finish: Lingering white chocolate and raspberry hints alongside cedar.
A great dram that goes perfectly with a smooth cigar.

Nose: Bourbon barrel notes – charred oak, vanilla and espresso, a little caramel. Notes of toffee brittle, mozzarella and barley sugar.
Palate: Sweet and intense, oily and nutty. Notes of praline, lemon oil, toasted brioche.
Finish: Maple spices and nutmeg.


Goes well with a cigar with dark chocolate notes.

Nose: Crashing waves, wood smoke, ash and tar. A hint of apple and citrus but the peat, unsurprisingly, dominates.
Palate: A beach barbecue… salt and kippers, a bit of butter and hot pepper spice. Water brings out some of those lighter apple and banana notes but again the phenols are the main event here.
Finish: This lasts for ages with ash, dark chocolate and pepper riding out over an oily base.
A dram so smoky that you will still feel it over your strongest cigar. For smoke-heads only!

Nose: Sweet, nutty, and spicy. Fruity too, with the musty, intense character of an old port wine. Hints of tropical fruits, chamomile tea, sweetness, blossom and dates.
Palate: Rich, big and bold with walnut, manuka honey and caramel apple peels. Hints of oaky sherry wine.
Finish: Good length with thick, rich malt, roasted nuts, peels and fruit, a little cranberry perhaps.
A perfect companion for a noble cigar.

Nose: Stewed plums with a handful of cinnamon sticks thrown in, a pinch of juniper.
Palate: Full-bodied notes of dry, rich sherry and baking spices, with a touch of brown sugar and dried oak.
Finish: Subtly herbaceous, though still heavily sherried.
A nice all-rounder, a close relative to the Cigar Malt!

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