Мonthly Turnout – July 2017

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The July Turnout brings 7 mouthwatering bottlings, each one a celebration of a perfect, balanced, often one-off and untouched whisky straight from the cask. There is something in this Turnout for each one of you, flavor fanatics, our there.

See what’s new and interesting this month and grab yours while we still have them in stock!

Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection



Benriach 16yo Aloxe Corton


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Nose: Fruity-fresh. Honeyed sweetness, touch of dryness.
Palate: Medium. Sweet barley and vanilla. Buttery, some apple peel. Perhaps a spot of peat.
Finish: Medium length, some caramel, dark sugar and a pinch of peat.




Clynelish 17yo


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Nose: A creamy stone fruit melange with subtle allspice and hints of minerality.
Palate: Malty Rich Tea biscuits, vanilla toffee and lightly salted nectarine.
Finish: Cinnamon custard.




Laphroaig Lore


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Nose: Rich and smoky with seaside minerals with a hint of ash and bitter chocolate drops. Vanilla follows with oily unroasted chestnuts and a hint of fudge with a malty sweetness. A drop of water adds a creamy clotted cream note with fruit appearing in the form of unripe citrus in a flan glaze.
Palate: Richly peaty with a spicy chilli bite.
Finish: Short dry finish and a long sweet aftertaste.



Highland Park 1998 Exclusive


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Nose: Sweet, heady nose with thick honey, apricot conserve, pepper and cut hay. Gingernuts, malt.
Palate: Aromatic and honeyed, vanilla sweetness, oak, peppermint, a touch of tasted oak, heather honey, walnut and nutmeg.
Finish: Spiced and sweet, malty.



Port Charlotte PC12 Oileanach Furachail


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Nose: Rounded nutty smoke, citrus, blueberry, old fashioned sweets and honeycomb.
Palate: Mouthcoating smoked dates, poached pear, lemon curd, brown sugar and porridge.
Finish: Malt loaf and plum wine.



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July 4, 7pm
Smoothies @ Mondo del Caffè Genusswelt
7:00 pm – 9
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July 5, 7pm
Smoothies @ Updown Bar
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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