Мonthly Turnout – July 2018

Dear Friends,
Our July Turnout brings you the bottles from the brand new 2018 bottlings release of Ian MacLeod, Chieftain’s Series. We are one of the first to get them, which means YOU are one of the first to get them too!
We have also added two special bottles from our collectors corner for you to feast your eyes on. The Springbank, 1970, Local Barley is one of the most searched Springbank Single casks in the world! And the Glen Grant, 1954, Licensed Bottling, Gordon & MacPhail is one of the last ever bottles of the ’54 distillation release of that Glen Grant.
Explorer Packs are available from this month’s turnout, with the exception of the last 2 bottles of course, so if you prefer a sample of all the whiskies, just go ahead and get one.
Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection

Nose: Honeyed cereal, rose, red grape, a hint of punchy ginger.
Palate: Almond and pecan notes up front, followed by fresh orange peel and strawberry.
Finish: Lingering oak-y spices and menthol.

Nose: Buttery cinnamon pastries, juicy barley, stewed pears and orange peel.
Palate: Creamy and nutty, a little milk chocolate and touches of red fruit.
Finish: Spicy with white coffee notes.

Nose: Toasted rye bread with Seville orange marmalade, wafts of burnt oak and thyme honey.
Palate: Quite chocolatey, with balancing savoury smoke.
Finish: Soot, treacle and mint leaf.

Nose: Oak-y vanilla, soft pineapple and a hint of chocolate.
Palate: Juicy kiwi and apricot, followed by flapjack and cinnamon.
Finish: Subtly salty, though honey and red grape notes keep sweetness at the fore.

Nose: A curious mix of orange blossom, coal tar and creosote on the nose. Hints of cinnamon, black treacle and stewed apples.
Palate: Malty and rounded palate, with linseed oil, hints of TCP, dark chocolate and apple strudel, with a development of burning rubber.
Finish: A rubbery, smoky finish.

Nose: There is a lot going on here; heather, plums and peach, quite dry but with hints of honey. There’s a slight waxy note too with a little bit of leather.
Palate: Very soft, with caramelised fruit and raisins and cassis. The spices include cinnamon and vanilla and there’s some oaky dryness to balance the honey. A subtle wood smoke and a hint of the sea.
Finish: Very long with hints of aniseed and raisin sweetness.
Overall: Wow. there’s so much to take in… this is a whisky worth spending serious time with.

Nose: The nose is quite rich and full-bodied. There is a good fruit note with plenty of winter spice and malmsey. There are hints of Oloroso wafting gentle with a toffee sweetness. A little dried peel character develops.
Palate: The palate is full and rich and well-balanced. There are notes of sherried sultanas and apple peels. Calvados notes emerge with toasted cereal notes and dry oaken smoke wafting through the wintry air. An oiliness develops which lubricates the whole process to sublime effect.
Finish: The finish is long and well-balanced with some dried fruit on the tail.

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