Мonthly Turnout – October 2017


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Our October Turnout is bursting with fruity feel-good flavors with 6 wonderful single cask whiskies to taste and explore.

This month also sees the release of our first Explorer Pack, allowing you to sample a variety of drams from our Monthly Turnout list before you buy. Limited boxes are available, so order fast to avoid disappointment.

Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection





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Nose: Floral notes, nice fresh, slightly sparkling, and not aggressive. Some blackberries and grapes, with a touch of vanilla and just the slightest hint of peat.

Palate: Portwine from the first moment but it’s ever so slight and does not dominate the bouquet of flavors. Flowery, slight sharpness with its 55% abv strength, some ginger and some lime. Later on some peaty notes develop but remain very discrete.

Finish: Strong and very very long. The floral notes are still present although now slowly fading away, while at the same time the peat develops more and more and grows into pleasant sweetness.





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Nose: Rum-soaked raisin and Dundee cake. Toasted cinnamon, pineapple flambé and burnt lemon.

Palate: Peppery peat picks up speed, with a touch of honey-glazed ham to it. Cinnamon, ginger and quince.

Finish: Honey’d barley and red chilli.






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Nose: Rich Oloroso sweetness, with underlying notes of violet and lemongrass.

Palate: Creamier on the palate. More vanilla-y, caramel-y notes come forward, with the wine-like fruits taking a back seat.

Finish: Lingering chocolatey elements.





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Nose: Fresh peach and prune, a hint of floral vanilla and honey’d porridge.

Palate: Oatcakes topped with apple chutney. White chocolate and more peach.

Finish: Robustly malty on the finish, with some plummy hints lingering.





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Nose: Red wine gums, lemongrass, stewed plums and oily walnut.

Palate: Oodles of plummy richness, joined by caramel, dark coffee and thyme honey.

Finish: A long finished packed with oak and chocolate truffle notes.






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Nose: Oily barley leading into notes of lacquered oak and new leather. Waves of freshly picked berry notes develop.

Palate: A hearty kick of Christmas-y spice as it opens, with layers of chocolate and cedar following.

Finish: Lingering ginger, caramel and strawberry.


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