Monthly Turnout – January 2018


The Luxembourgish Cask Selection --

Hi there,

We’re off to a fantastic start — our January Turnout is a celebration of the New Year with 5 flavorfull and colorful drams to keep the festivities going for longer!

Don’t forget that with each Turnout we now also release our Explorer Pack, allowing you to sample the same great drams from our Monthly Turnout list. Limited boxes are available, so order fast to avoid disappointment.

Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection



Glenfarclas, 1995, Sherry Hogsheads


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Picked as the best of 6 whiskies in a Glenfarclas tasting. Tons of sherry then vanilla, spices and syrups which linger for ages. It’s highly more-ish on its own but at 60.1% it sits comfortably with a splash and of water. A really lovely dram for special occasions.

Nose: Lots and lots of toffee and butter fudge in a rich caramelised aroma.

Palate: The flavour is much more herbaceous and floral and provides a pleasing contrast to this dram’s aroma.

Finish: Caramel, elderflower and violets in a marriage of nose and palate.

Overall: This is a whisky of two parts and although different they harmonise exquisitely.



Glentauchers, 13 y.o., Gordon & MacPhail, Cask Strength


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Nose: Grilled pineapple, pastries topped with diced almond, a kick of cinnamon warmth.

Palate: Malty chocolate, honeycomb and oodles of creamy vanilla sweetness.

Finish: A touch of sultana and pink peppercorn.



Allt-á-Bhainne, 1993, The First Editions


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Nose: Cereal grains, vanilla fudge and a hint of marzipan.

Palate: Fruit and nut milk chocolate, with honeyed oak, flowery porridge and a prickle of nutmeg.

Finish: Medium. Brown sugar melts into earthy barley.



Caol Ila, 6 y.o., Hepburn’s Choice


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Nose: Sweet sea breeze is well complemented by light, fruity wine notes (think strawberries and raspberries and you’ll be on the right track).

Palate: Smoky peat and yet more berries. Ought to be a good late summer whisky we reckon.

Finish: Remains smoky on the finish.



Dailuaine, 2009, Marsala Wood Finish, Spirit & Cask Range


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Nose: Cookie dough, intense ginger, waves of freshly-squashed red berries.

Palate: Liquoirce Allsorts, clove and chewy raisins. A very light suggestion of smoke.

Finish: Sweet cherries and creamy malt.


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