Monthly Turnout – January 2019

Our January turnout comes a bit late in the month but it’s one not to miss.
It is a true journey through Scotland with drams from the Lowlands, Speyside, Highlands, Islands and Islay.
We hand-picked the bottlings from five different Independent bottlers so you can tour Scotland from the comfort of your own favorite whisky chair.
Explorer Packs from this month’s turnout are available so get yours here and enjoy all the whiskies below instead of limiting yourself to just one or two 🙂
Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection

Nose: Vanilla fudge, Werther’s Original, touch of lemon and lime zest. Peppercorns, banana and honey.
Palate: Pleasant mouthfeel with some more vanilla and a little apricot.
Finish: Woody, sparkling water.

Nose: Sweet spices and biscuity malt. A touch of ground almond and juicy sultanas.
Palate: Corinth raisins and dried fruit. Mixed peels, hints of cocoa butter, black pepper and sherried peels.
Finish: Malty, spicy finish.

Nose: Subtly vegetal at first with hints of cut grass and sugar-snap peas, followed by lime peel and custard.
Palate: Warming black pepper and new oak. Lemongrass, brown sugar, flint and a touch of honey.
Finish: Cassia bark, flaky pastry and apple skin.

Nose: Brown sugar caramelising in a pan, tar, fresh blueberry muffins.
Palate: A delicious juxtaposition of sweet vanilla and coastal smoke. Hints of vegetal oak, too.
Finish: Sawdust, mint and yet more caramel.

Nose: Sea shells, roasted barley and a hint of spicy chicken. It’s not all savoury, though – there’s yummy notes of maple-syrup-soaked waffles in there too!
Palate: Maltesers, dense treacle, dry spices, good lager and a hint of burnt sugar.
Finish: Fresh peach sweetness, with red chilli and cedar warmth.