Monthly Turnout – Sep 2018

Dear whisky friend,
Our September release includes some real rarities, several of them coming from private collections, the drams of course long gone from circulation.


We will be able to offer only a limited number of Explorer Packs from this month’s turnout, and only from the XOP bottles below, so get yours before they are gone.
Your friends at the Luxembourgish Cask Selection

A rare gem from a private collection!
Palate: Smooth dark caramel and cocoa. Eucalyptus. Orange bitters.
Finish: Buttery oak, vanilla and blackberry. Long with oak furniture and caramel that is just starting to catch.
Overall: Tremedous, rich, aged Speyside single malt.

A rare antique bottle of Highland Park single malt Scotch whisky, distilled in 1967. This was bottled before they redesigned their bottles (and long before they redesigned their bottles once again in 2017 to include lots of viking livery)
Nose: Warming peat smoke rises, paired with fresh vanilla, thyme honey and sandalwood.
Palate: Toasted barley and fennel seed, with a kick of cinnamon underneath.
Finish: Flamed orange peel, a very light touch of BBQ char, gingerbread and nutmeg.

Nose: Bursting with fresh vanilla pods, strawberry bon-bons and brioche.
Palate: Sugary sweet and thick with wood shavings, peaches in syrup and charred bananas.
Finish: Lingering with creamy vanilla, apricot, toasted almonds and strawberry jam.

Oh boy, it’s not just an Old Particular, it’s an Extra or ‘Xtra’ Old Particular! An XOP, if you will, from independent bottlers Douglas Laing. Distilled in August 1990 then matured for over 25 years in a single refill hogshead cask, the outturn was 291 bottles of this Macallan whisky in November 2015. A golden Macallan!
Nose: Sweet barley and green apple peel with supporting notes of lemon and sultana.
Palate: Some cask toast, still sweet, honeyed barley and even a little corn. Vanilla, yuzu and a hint of chilli.
Finish: Warming golden barley and subtle oak.

A single cask bottling of 18 year old Laphroaig, independently bottled by Douglas Laing for their Xtra Old Particular – a bottling range served for very special whiskies. It was distilled in March 1999 and left to age in a refill butt until February 2018, when it was bottled at cask strength. Only 232 bottles were ever produced.
Opens sweet and ashy on the nose, with charred marinated meat and peat smoke balanced with fruit and spices. Initially sweetly spiced on the palate, then smoke, rock pools and BBQ ashes. The finish is long, with dark chocolate, spiced and dried dates but with lingering cigar ashes.

This stunning 30 year old Highland single malt was laid to rest at the Glenturret distillery in December 1987 and bottled for Douglas Laing’s Xtra Old Particular series in February 2018. Drawn from single refill hogshead number 12378 at a natural strength 45.3% ABV, this is one of just 229 hand-filled bottles.
The nose shows warm brown bread with salted butter and thick honey plus green apples and fudge. The palate is thick with toffee pieces, creamy porridge and candied orange, and the finish is barley rich alongside iced buns, a touch of spice and tangy apple juice.

Single cask Highland Park single malt – very exciting indeed! This one was distilled on Orkney in September 1996 and matured in one refill hogshead for 21 years until 2017. Douglas Laing independently bottled this whisky for their Xtra Old Particular range, with only 95 bottles ever produced.
Nose: Creamy vanilla and smoky oak. A hint of mineral develops.
Palate: Tobacco leaf, white pepper, more barley sweetness and touches of coffee bean.
Finish: Coastal smoke on the finish.

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